Dedicated To Raising Up Leaders is a youth character/leadership camp designed to Engage, Educate, Entertain, Encourage, and Empower (E5) middle to high school aged students. Our goal is to help people Embrace their fullest potential in order to do ‘Good Works‘.

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Designed To Impact Your Community!

Our program is designed to impact the lives of young people by teaching character and leadership principles and then, most importantly, providing them with opportunities to put their ideas and beliefs into practice.

We offer 1-, 2-, 3-, and 5-day camp programs to fit any schedule. We can also customize your camp experience to fit the needs of your school, organization, team, or group.

Camp Registration is Closed.

3 HUGE Reasons To Attend The Leader Camp!

Camp Registration is Closed.

About The Founders

Romy Blystone loves coaching students on how to overcome obstacles in life. Connect with Coach Blystone below.


Brenda Blystone loves teaching students how to lead as well as how to follow. Connect with Señora Blystone below.


We Help Youth Succeed!

There are BEST PRACTICES in teaching student leadership and we want to share them with your students.

“We’re thankful for all the people who have shared their knowledge, passion, and best practices with us over the years. Now, we want to share what we know with you.”

Why Attend Our Leadership Camp?

Whether you’re involved in student council, the National Honor Society, drama club, a sports team, the school musical, cheerleading, FFA, you volunteer or have a job — our camp program is for you! In fact, our camp programs are for anyone who wants to improve their character and leadership skills!

We believe “identity” informs our relationships, priorities, and purpose in life. For this reason, we incorporate character training alongside our leadership training. We believe leaders need both. From learning one’s ecological footprint to their personality profile… we help students learn about who they are and who they want to become in positive and healthy ways. This is what true leadership is all about.

Camp Registration is Closed.

The Leader Camp – Stages

1) Self-Leadership

In order to lead others, we must first learn to lead ourselves. This requires developing social/emotional as well as character/leadership skills.

2) Connecting with Others

We’re building a global network of student and adult leaders who are dedicated to making our world better and safer for everyone.

3) Leading Others

When we follow what we know to be right and true, following becomes leading. Then others will become believers and followers as well.

4) Changing Culture

We’re changing hearts and minds by teaching, training, and modeling character and leadership… one child at a time.


Camp Registration is Closed.